Technology and solutions

Technology and solutions for sanitaryware manufacturing process.

Innovative solutions

Design and production

Sintesi designs and produce innovative solutions intended improve the sanitary ware production process.

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Sintesi chemical products

Chemicals and specialties

Chemicals and specialties to improve quality standards.

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Resine per stampi Sintesi

Resins for case moulds

Mold resins are available in various types and offer a wide range of features that meet the needs of any manufacturer.

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Resine per stampi porosi Sintesi

Resins for porous moulds

Our porous resin helps customers to be competitive because it offers efficiency and quality at a competitive price.

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Additivi Sintesi

Additive for slip and glaze

The proper formulation of the glaze suspension is basically the precondition for a correct application and a result without defects.

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Macchine per sanitari Sintesi


Manufactures and supplies machinery and complete systems for producing sanitaryware, special ceramics and technical items.

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