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line for sanitaryware production

SINTESI is a supplier of plant solutions for the production of ceramic sanitaryware production plants.

Body & glaze

Complete range of ball mills, Turboblungers, stirrers and their accessories for the preparation of ceramic slip and glaze mixtures.

Casting plants

Casting machines for WC, bidet, wash basin. technology low pressure and spagless.

Casting shop conditioning system

There is a physical time between the de moulding phase and the entry into the dryer: during this time the pieces remain in the casting room. This very delicate phase is controlled bench per bench by a particular air conditioning system. Moreover, this conditioning system has to dry the moulds after casting to restore its initial moisture condition.


Grinding machines for wash basin, kitchen sink, WC.

Modern and innovative solutions

Automation and research

Modern, innovative, functional and personalized solutions with constant research to improve machine, mould and process technology. Solutions engineered to follow the continuous evolution of products as regards design, hydraulic functionality and surface finishes.

We follow all phases of the project:

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